Traditional databases store data but graph databases are changing the way we look at information and its relationships and realize graphs are everywhere.

About us

We are a technology company with years of experience developing software. But we don’t stop there, technology is an enabler but the most important lesson learnt is the ability to understand our clients challenges and develop strategies and solutions to empower them to develop their business further.


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We provide consultancy services to understand your business and prepare a strategy to adopt technology and process to enable growth of people within your organization.

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Understand the key relationships between data from your organizations people and systems to discover potential areas of improvement.

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Software developed (be-spoke or customised off the shelf) for your organizations needs that empower your people to perform effectively and enable business growth.


IoT Platform

Complete platfrom to ingest data from almost any source and visualize data using our affordable open platform. We do focus on utilizing SIGFOX as our prefered IoT network provider and supported IoT devices.

Graph Database

We provide consulting, training and software development services to build solutions on Neo4j.


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Almost every client I speak to has some form of data that is best stored as a graph. When I mention graph I am not...

Posted by Tunjang Jaya GrafTek on Sunday, September 29, 2019